Worst locations for dating

If you’re hoping to strike it rich on your next date, don’t plan to take them to a sports game. It is ranked as one of the worst locations for dating because it can be noisy and you may have a hard time seeing your date in the darkness of the stadium.

1. The Aquarium

Visiting an aquarium on a first date can be an awkward experience for both parties. Not only is the location not conducive to conversation, but it is also hard to get up close and personal with your date without being surrounded by strangers.

A recent study analyzed 40 US cities and ranked them based on factors like the number of dating venues, cost of dates, and online dating availability. Some of the worst locations for dating include New York City, South Burlington, Vermont, and Yonkers, New York.

The best locations for dating are college towns, such as Austin, Colorado Springs, and Raleigh. These cities have high numbers of singles and affordable date night options. Honolulu and San Diego also scored high due to their diversity and dining out scores.

2. McDonald’s

Bringing your date to McDonald’s may not be the most romantic idea, especially for a first date. The fast food restaurant has been voted as the second worst location for dating in a recent poll by UK-based online bingo site Tombola. The Golden Arches came in just behind the movie theater, which received 20% of the vote. Unlike a nicer, more expensive restaurant, McDonald’s gives off the impression that you don’t care about impressing your date.

Other bad date ideas include going to someone’s parent’s house, watching a football game, swimming, and attending a funeral. For more information, check out the original survey from Tombola. The results are surprising!

3. The Theater

If you’re hoping to impress your date, don’t take them to the theater. That was the worst location mentioned in a recent survey conducted by Tombola, a UK bingo website. The study asked 11,000 people what they thought the worst first-date locations were. It turns out that a lot of people think movie theaters are the wrong place to go on a date because you’re shushed constantly by other patrons and cannot really talk. Plus, the popcorn is a huge no-no. Unlike the big screen movie theaters, the smaller twin and quad theaters have their own issues. They can be quite crowded with other people trying to watch a different movie and the sounds of the movies next door are often very loud.

4. Nightclubs

When it comes to the dating scene, your location may have a lot to do with how successful you are at finding love. A new study reveals that certain cities — even some of the biggest ones — make it harder to meet potential romantic partners.

Researchers ranked 182 cities in the United States using 35 different criteria, including the number of dating places per capita, online dating opportunities and the cost of dinner and movies. Cities with lower scores in these areas were rated worst for dating.

Some of the lowest ranking cities include South Burlington, Vermont, which has a low singles gender balance and few recreational activities. Also in the bottom ten were Glendale, California, which has some of the highest movie costs; and Brownsville, Texas, which has a very low number of nightlife options.

5. The Beach

WalletHub recently ranked the best cities for dating in the US. They looked at everything from the number of romantic restaurants to the price of a beer to determine which cities were most conducive to finding love.

London was a surprise winner, with its tolerant and inclusive atmosphere. It also has a lot to offer, from a romantic meal at The Shard to the thrill of a ghost tour around the Old Town.

Dublin’s no stranger to literary inspiration, with its links to Yeats, Beckett and Joyce. But it’s the city’s outdoor spots that set it apart – take your date paddle boarding in Auckland or on a hiking tour around Ticknock hill. Or, if you prefer to stay indoors, try an Irish whiskey tasting.